Hull media blasting is the first step to repairing or repainting your boat. At Swift Marine, we use abrasive media to blast off excess layers of paint and debris off your boat’s underside without making a mess. By creating a tent to collect the blasting materials, we protect the surrounding boats, marina, and waterway.

Traditional paint stripping methods can be dangerous, not to mention a lot of work. Sit back and relax, with Swift Marine your hull is in good hands. Contact us today for your FREE quote.


Hull cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your boat.  Excessive build-up on your hull will result in the breakdown of your bottom paint, reduce performance of your boat, and cause corrosion that will reduce the value of your vessel. Our divers use the least abrasive materials required to clean the entire hull, prop, driveshaft, intakes, through-hulls, stabilizers, keel, and rudder to ensure your paint lasts as long as possible.

Check out our Monthly Service Options

  • Sailboats
    • 26-42ft: $3.00/ft
    • 43-53ft: $3.00/ft
    • 54ft and above: $3.00-$6.00/ft (contingent on paint and fouling coverage)
  • Power Boats
    • 16-53ft: $3.00/ft monthly cleaning
    • 54ft and above: $3.25-$6.00/ft (contingent on paint and fouling coverage)
  • Zinc Anode Service and Replacement: Zinc replacements are free to monthly customers, we only ask that you pay material cost.


Oxidation Removal and Extensive Details Price Contingent on Scope and Size of Yacht

Wax, Wash, and Oxidation Removal

High speed buffing

Rubbing/oxidation removal compound application (type contingent on oxidation level)

Wet sanding if necessary

Interior Cleaning, Odor Removal, Polish and Protection

Mildew Removal

Engine bay and bilge cleaning

Vinyl/carpet cleaning and vacuum

Odor removal (heads, bilge, holding tanks)

All stainless steel shined and polished including propellers on outboards

Windows cleaned and protective coating applied- Canvas, Cushions, Windows, Isinglass

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