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Our team passionate about what we do – We only hire the best- All of our employees have an appreciation for boats and passion for boating, just like our clients.

Our mission is to provide superior service and craftsmanship to all of our clients.

Swift Marine Yacht Management Services

Yacht Management

Our leading yacht maintenance team will customize maintenance services centered on the needs of your vessel.


  1. Wash Downs
  2. Waxing
  3. Engine Maintenance
  4. System Check
  5. Hurricane Preparation
  6. Interior Cleaning
  7. Provisions/Supplies Delivery
Yacht Detailing in Charleston SC

Interior Cleaning, Odor Removal, Polish and Protection

  • Mildew Removal
  • Engine bay and bilge cleaning
  • Vinyl/carpet cleaning and vacuum
  • Odor removal (heads, bilge, holding tanks)
  • All stainless steel shined and polished including propellers on outboards
  • Windows cleaned and protective coating applied- Canvas, Cushions, Windows, Isinglass
Experts Detail Yacht Exterior Docked in Charleston SC

Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repair

Whether the damage requires a structural repair, outer gelcoat, or a blister repair, our trained professional contractors can repair a hull of any scope and size.

Ceramic Protective Coating

Ceramic Protective Coating

Ceramic Coatings will hold the value of your gelcoat better than any product on the market. We only use leading brands on the market, ALL of which have a 3 year Warranty.

Yacht Ship Boat Delivery To and From Charleston SC

Yacht Delivery

Whether it is a short delivery, or a 2000 nautical mile destination, our USCG Licensed Captains are ready to deliver your Motor Yacht, Sailing Vessel, or Multihull.

Media Blasting Yacht Detailing

Media Blasting

Bottom boat media blasting is the first step to repairing or repainting your boat. At Swift Marine, we use abrasive glass bead media to blast the top layer of paint and debris off your boat’s underside without making a mess. By creating a tent to collect the blasting materials, we protect the surrounding boats, marina, and waterway.

Professional Buff Wax Polish Shine Boat While Docked in Charleston SC

Wax, Wash, Detailing, and Oxidation Removal

  • High speed buffing
  • Rubbing/oxidation removal compound application (type contingent on oxidation level)
  • Wet sanding if necessary
Yacht Hull Cleaning Diving in Charleston SC

Hull Diving

When yachts sit with their hulls submerged for any period of time, bacteria can begin to grow on the underside of the yacht. We send qualified, experienced divers into the water to scrape the bacteria from the underside of your yacht’s hull.

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