Our employees are passionate about their work- we only hire the best- all of our employees have a deep adoration for boating just like our clients.

Our mission is to provide superior service and craftsmanship to our clients.

FAQs +

What types of services do you provide?

We offer a whole range of services, including:

  • Fiberglass & gelcoat repair
  • Ceramic protective coating
  • Yacht delivery
  • Hull cleaning
  • Wax, wash, detailing, and oxidation removal
  • Interior cleaning, odor removal, polish and protection
  • Boat/yacht maintenance
  • Teak-seal, clean, sand and refinish


Do you provide services onsite?

Yes, some of our services can be provided onsite. For some of you, we understand you may keep your boat in the water at all times and may not have a trailer. We deliver our services so that you do not have to deliver your boat. Please call us for details and for specific information regarding the possibility of onsite services.


How long does it take for servicing?

Of course, as with anything, it depends on what you want done and/or the extent of the work required. If you intend to use our boat/yacht services for an upcoming event, then you want to contact us as soon as possible. We will work it into our schedule in an attempt to meet your needs within reason.


Do you really need to perform maintenance on your boat?

Your boat is an investment and to ensure it maintains proper performance and value, you need to maintain it properly. Without regular maintenance, you can expect the following to happen:

  • Plugs become fouled;
  • The engine suddenly fails to start;
  • The engine overheats;
  • The boat remains in idle;
  • The shifter doesn’t engage the transmission;
  • Steering won’t work;
  • Other performance failures.

If you take your boat out without regular maintenance then any of the above can occur, but what’s more: you could be doing more damage to your boat, too, that will result in the need for expensive repairs. All of the above and more can be prevented with regular maintenance and servicing.


How often should you perform maintenance work on your boat?

Generally speaking, there is maintenance you want done monthly and maintenance you want done annually.

Regular monthly services are important to keep your boat running as though you just purchased it. Taking the extra time monthly will save you a lot of work and expenses later. Monthly servicing includes things like:

  • Washing and waxing
  • Interior cleaning
  • Testing and cleaning the battery
  • Conducting inspections of pumps, propeller, water strainers, etc.
  • Checking fluid levels and topping them off.

Annual or biannual servicing includes things like:

  • Reapplying a gel coat
  • Cabin sole refinishing and cleaning
  • Tuning up
  • Testing batteries and cables
  • Changing transmission fluid
  • Inspecting and greasing fittings
  • Inspecting and servicing propeller
  • Inspecting spark plugs, fuel vent, fuel tube
  • Replacing or changing filters, belts, hoses, etc., as necessary
  • Winterizing when the boating season is over.

There are also services you may need from time to time that are not necessarily needed on a regular basis, like mildew removal and carpet cleaning. Contact Swift Marine to discuss your boat and learn what an ideal maintenance schedule may be for you. We also offer yacht management to customize your boat’s servicing needs and to ensure you always get to enjoy the water whenever that may be.


Does Swift Marine hire boating professionals?

We hire professionals who have a deep understanding and love for all things boating and yachting. It is our mission to provide superior service and craftsmanship to our clients, and to fulfill our mission, it is imperative that our team consist of only the best professionals committed to the same mission.

At Swift Marine, we want to keep you on the water, and we want to make sure your boat looks good and is protected while out there. Contact us online or call us today at 843-990-2970 to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.

Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repair

Whether the damage requires a structural repair, outer gelcoat, or a blister repair, our trained professional contractors can repair a hull of any scope and size.

Ceramic Protective Coating

Ceramic Coatings will hold the value of your gelcoat better than any product on the market. We only use leading brands on the market, ALL of which have a 3 yeaAr Warranty.

Yacht Delivery

Whether it is a short delivery, or a 2000 nautical mile destination, our USCG Licensed Captains are ready to deliver your Motor Yacht, Sailing Vessel, or Multihull.

Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your boat. Excessive build-up on your hull will result in the breakdown of your bottom paint, reduce performance of your boat, and cause corrosion that will reduce the value of your vessel. Our divers use the least abrasive materials required to clean the entire hull, prop, driveshaft, intakes, through-hulls, stabilizers, keel, and rudder to ensure your paint lasts as long as possible.

Wax, Wash, Detailing, and Oxidation Removal

  • High speed buffing
  • Rubbing/oxidation removal compound application (type contingent on oxidation level)
  • Wet sanding if necessary

Interior Cleaning, Odor Removal, Polish and Protection

  • Mildew Removal
  • Engine bay and bilge cleaning
  • Vinyl/carpet cleaning and vacuum
  • Odor removal (heads, bilge, holding tanks)
  • All stainless steel shined and polished including propellers on outboards
  • Windows cleaned and protective coating applied- Canvas, Cushions, Windows, Isinglass

Yacht Management

Our leading yacht maintenance team will customize maintenance services centered on the needs of your vessel.


  1. Wash Downs
  2. Waxing
  3. Engine Maintenance
  4. System Check
  5. Hurricane Preparation
  6. Interior Cleaning
  7. Provisions/Supplies Delivery

Teak- Seal, Clean, Sand and Refinish

  • We can seal, clean and brighten teak wood of any kind
  • Cabin sole refinishing, cleaning brightening
  • Stripping, varnishing, and refinishing of teak, or any interior wood
  • We offer a 3 step process for complete cabin sole or teakwood refinishing

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